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Iranian National Socialist Movement

Friday, April 14, 2006

Once and forever we will remove Arab generation from our aryan land

َAttention! Attention!

The Second Statement of INSM:

I am tying a promise with you,Iranian nation,Iranian new-nazists and National Socialist parties as the commander of Iranian National Socialist Movement that untill removing the non-Iranian Islamic regime in Iran,I never get back.

The dirty Islamic regime and the Arab(Tazi) generation once and forever will remove in the history of our Aryan land from our occupied country and National Socialism with it`s soldiers and Iranian new-Nazists will come to rub off the root of oppression,corruption and destruction and will promise of freedom and defence from Aryan race against the Arabs(Tazis) eater of lizards and the west supporter of zionism and will say to Iranians that the time of disgrace,contempt and shame in front of the people around the world has finished and it`s the time that all of us should rise for removing the non-Iranian and anti-Iranian regime from our land.
Iran should become the most powerful land in the world and all islamic lands eater of lizards and the West greedy of gain (Supporters of Zion) should bow their heads in front of our nation and this is not a dream while it is the truth that will happen with National Socialism.
Even wi will not give a molecule of our land to foreigns and each analyzer and Arab(Tazi) generation that is the supporters of this regime is our enemies and we have no mercy on them and with whole our power we will destroy them.
Me as the Commander of INSM has come to fight with my soul on my hands without no fear from death till on this way for my clean Aryan race and my occupied land and I ask you ,the Aryan youth of this land,if your blood of aryan race is flowing in your blood-vessels and if the blood of Arabs(Tazis) has not influenced in you,so come to join Iranian National Socialist Movement.To hope victory over the Islamic regime in Iran.

Heil Hitler

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Blogger SHOKRIAN INSP said...

I AM VERY PROUD TO BE A PERSIAN especially in times when the American Government is using surveillance on its own people and using fear of terrorism to project anti socialism. The capitalism has been destroying and nearly has destroyed the world. These religious leaders of jew and arab have been on a war path of destruction and death for thousands of years and now the jew and arab have split the world by using faith and religion once again to steal kill rape and destroy working households families and lives and are using the name of christ and mohamed to do so to make more capital to make more money for capitalism. Before the jew knew to trade before the arab knew to travel the Aryans; Persians(today/Iranians) CREATED AND ESTABLISHED CIVILIZATION poetry, education, trade and travel, entertainment and music, an Empire for the people of Iran/Persia to be safe and well provided for by their leaders.

"Today the Arab and Jew have united with the Capitalist to steal and lie to the workers who work and struggle day in and day out to give taxes and family members to fight and kill and be maimed for the Jew leader for the Arab Leader and for the workers' capitalistic leader; all Jews and all Arabs and ALL CAPITALISTS are making money and fools of all of us the hard working people of the world.
!!!Viva Hitler Que Viva!!!
(thats what you say but can you provide me with rallies here in San Antonio to speak to the people and can you provide me Joseph Shokrian with safe passage to Persia to help (if you say you are persian)our fellow brother and sisters of Iran???

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