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Iranian National Socialist Movement

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Introduction of INSM

On 26 th January ,2006 Iranina National Socilalist Movement found by Nazismbook
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Above is the flag of INSM,the colors of the flag has chosen from the Iranian oldest flag that during the arabs attack on Persian empire which calls Qadesiye war felt down from hands of Rostam Farrokhzad the commander of Persian empire Army.
The name of this flag was Derafsh-e-Kaviani.It was made of a long rectangular leather apron as used by national hero Kaveh the ironsmith during the reign of King Fereidoun. Ferdosi the Persian “Homer” referred to this leather apron as the symbol of Iranian independence, resistance, resilience and the revolutionary momentum of the masses revolt against evil invaders. This Flag was decorated with yellow, magenta and scarlet silk string tassels. Kaveh was later pronounced Kavak in Sassanid Pahlavi language meaning “glorious”, and so the Derafshe Kaviani was also called, the Glorious Flag of Iran.
On that war which was about 1400 years ago the arabs muslims murderd many of our ancestors.The wild arabs also took many of iranian youth,children and women as slavery and bondage to Madina city in Arania.We are proud of the Bahman Jazooye (Ebn-e-Molajjam) the killer of the fourth Caliph and Shiite first Imam Ali ebn-e-abitaleb,and Firooz-e-Nahavandi and Behzad-e-Hamedani the killers of the second Caliph Omar ebn-e-Khattab and the third caliph Osman ebn-e-Affan.
These brave Iranians took from them revenge because of their felonies and crimes in Iran.One day after our failure in Qadesiye war,when Arabs chaind feet and hands of Iranina children,Firooz-e-Nahavandi saw them and "By God,Omar set on fire my liver" he said.
In fact Iran is not an Islamic land,and INSM wants to clear Iran from the Islamic signs and culture.INSM wants to found National Socialist in Iran to clear jewish and islamic politics in Iran.

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