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Monday, April 17, 2006

We are not Arabs

Recently we got some news that NSM called Iran as an Arabian state.NSM claims on nukeisrael website that:

The staff at NSM Northwest support the people of Iran in their sacred responsibility to build nuclear weapons and create a Arab superpower
that will counterbalance the racist terror state of Israel.

We ask from NSM to revise this update that clearly has disgraced our Aryan nation.
INSM commander

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Once and forever we will remove Arab generation from our aryan land

َAttention! Attention!

The Second Statement of INSM:

I am tying a promise with you,Iranian nation,Iranian new-nazists and National Socialist parties as the commander of Iranian National Socialist Movement that untill removing the non-Iranian Islamic regime in Iran,I never get back.

The dirty Islamic regime and the Arab(Tazi) generation once and forever will remove in the history of our Aryan land from our occupied country and National Socialism with it`s soldiers and Iranian new-Nazists will come to rub off the root of oppression,corruption and destruction and will promise of freedom and defence from Aryan race against the Arabs(Tazis) eater of lizards and the west supporter of zionism and will say to Iranians that the time of disgrace,contempt and shame in front of the people around the world has finished and it`s the time that all of us should rise for removing the non-Iranian and anti-Iranian regime from our land.
Iran should become the most powerful land in the world and all islamic lands eater of lizards and the West greedy of gain (Supporters of Zion) should bow their heads in front of our nation and this is not a dream while it is the truth that will happen with National Socialism.
Even wi will not give a molecule of our land to foreigns and each analyzer and Arab(Tazi) generation that is the supporters of this regime is our enemies and we have no mercy on them and with whole our power we will destroy them.
Me as the Commander of INSM has come to fight with my soul on my hands without no fear from death till on this way for my clean Aryan race and my occupied land and I ask you ,the Aryan youth of this land,if your blood of aryan race is flowing in your blood-vessels and if the blood of Arabs(Tazis) has not influenced in you,so come to join Iranian National Socialist Movement.To hope victory over the Islamic regime in Iran.

Heil Hitler

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Eva Braun

Eva Braun was born in Simbach, Germany, in 1912. She worked as an assistant in the studio of Heinrich Hoffmann. In 1932 she met Adolf Hitler and became his mistress.

After the death of Geli Raubal in 1931, Hitler began to see more of Eva Braun. However he still had relationships with other women Hitler was especially fond of film-stars and one girlfriend the actress Renate Mueller, committed suicide by throwing herself out of a hotel window in Berlin.
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Eva was extremely jealous of Hitler's other girlfriends and in 1932 she also attempted suicide by shooting herself in the
neck. Doctors managed to save her life, and after this incident Hitler seemed to become more attached to Eva and saw less of other women.

Hitler had no desire to have children. He told several people that if he had children they were certain to disappoint
him as they would never match his own genius.

The Nazi Party always attempted to keep Hitler's love life secret. In his speeches Hitler claimed that he had never married because he was "married to the German people." The severe casualties suffered during the First World War meant that there was a large number of widows and spinsters in Germany. Women in Germany found Hitler's bachelor image attractive and this helped win him votes during elections. It was for this reason that Eva Braun was never seen in public with Hitler.

Hitler gave Eva a flat in Munich but she later moved into the Berghof in Berchetesgaden. She remained there until April 1945 when she joined Hitler in his Berlin Bunker.

On 28th April, 1945, Hitler married Braun. That night Hitler tested out a cyanide pill on his pet Alsatian dog, Blondi. Braun agreed to commit suicide with him. She could have become rich by writing her memoirs but she preferred not to live without Hitler.

The Soviet troops were now only 300 yards away from Hitler's underground bunker. On 30th April Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun went into a private room and took cyanide tablets. Hitler also shot himself in the head. The bodies were then cremated and his ashes were hidden in the Chancellery grounds.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Today 21st March 2006,is the first day of persian new year(Nowrooz).Now we enterd to 2565 Aryan-Iranian year.We congratulate to each other by saying: Nowrooz mobarak(Happy Nowrooz)

In harmony with the rebirth of nature, the Iranian New Year Celebration, or NOWROOZ, always begins on the first day of spring. Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two ancient concepts - the End and the Rebirth; or Good and Evil. A few weeks before the New Year, Iranians clean and rearrange their homes. They make new clothes, bake pastries and germinate seeds as sign of renewal. The ceremonial cloth is set up in each household. Troubadours, referred to as Haji Firuz, disguise themselves with makeup and wear brightly colored outfits of satin. These Haji Firuz, singing and dancing, parade as a carnival through the streets with tambourines, kettle drums, and trumpets to spread good cheer and the news of the coming new year.

The origins of NoRuz are unknown, but they go back several thousand years predating the Achaemenian Dynasty. The ancient Iranians had a festival called "Farvardgan" which lasted ten days, and took place at the end of the solar year. It appears that this was a festival of sorrow and mourning, signifying the end of life while the festival of NoRuz, at the beginning of spring signified rebirth, and was a time of great joy and celebration.
The other ancient symbolic representation of NoRuz is based around the idea of the triumph of good over evil. According to the Shah-nameh (The Book of Kings), the national Iranian epic by Ferdowsi, NoRuz came into being during the reign of the mythical King Jamshid; when he defeated the evil demons (divs) seizing their treasures, becoming master of everything but the heavens and bringing prosperity to his people. To reach the heavens, Jamshid ordered a throne to be built with the jewels he had captured. He then sat on the throne and commanded the demons to lift him up into the sky. When the sun's rays hit the throne, the sky was illuminated with a multitude of colours. The people were amazed at the King's power and they showered him with even more jewels and treasures. This day of great celebration was named NoRuz, and was recognised as the first day of the year.
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Introduction of INSM

On 26 th January ,2006 Iranina National Socilalist Movement found by Nazismbook
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Above is the flag of INSM,the colors of the flag has chosen from the Iranian oldest flag that during the arabs attack on Persian empire which calls Qadesiye war felt down from hands of Rostam Farrokhzad the commander of Persian empire Army.
The name of this flag was Derafsh-e-Kaviani.It was made of a long rectangular leather apron as used by national hero Kaveh the ironsmith during the reign of King Fereidoun. Ferdosi the Persian “Homer” referred to this leather apron as the symbol of Iranian independence, resistance, resilience and the revolutionary momentum of the masses revolt against evil invaders. This Flag was decorated with yellow, magenta and scarlet silk string tassels. Kaveh was later pronounced Kavak in Sassanid Pahlavi language meaning “glorious”, and so the Derafshe Kaviani was also called, the Glorious Flag of Iran.
On that war which was about 1400 years ago the arabs muslims murderd many of our ancestors.The wild arabs also took many of iranian youth,children and women as slavery and bondage to Madina city in Arania.We are proud of the Bahman Jazooye (Ebn-e-Molajjam) the killer of the fourth Caliph and Shiite first Imam Ali ebn-e-abitaleb,and Firooz-e-Nahavandi and Behzad-e-Hamedani the killers of the second Caliph Omar ebn-e-Khattab and the third caliph Osman ebn-e-Affan.
These brave Iranians took from them revenge because of their felonies and crimes in Iran.One day after our failure in Qadesiye war,when Arabs chaind feet and hands of Iranina children,Firooz-e-Nahavandi saw them and "By God,Omar set on fire my liver" he said.
In fact Iran is not an Islamic land,and INSM wants to clear Iran from the Islamic signs and culture.INSM wants to found National Socialist in Iran to clear jewish and islamic politics in Iran.

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